Finding your Niche: Why you should be using Niche Social Networks

When looking at how big social media platforms have become it can be hard to stand out amongst all the noise. It is hard to stand out amongst all the other competitors when trying to deliver a message on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Especially if you are a smaller brand it may be hard to gain a large enough following that you can benefit from the algorithms in place for those platforms. However, there are platforms where businesses can find a better connection. Many social networks have smaller followings that you may not have heard of before.

Niche Social Media Networks are places where people go to talk about shared interests. I have been active on the platform Map my Run for the last 6 years. This is a network owned by under armor, on the app you can track your runs via GPS. While mapping your run it will track your pace, your mileage, and estimated calories burned. The app itself serves as a very good utility for runners to track their runs, especially when training for a race. Not only is it great for utility but it also has built-in social aspects. You can link your account with Facebook and then you can see other friends of yours that use the app. From there you can become friends on the app and motivate each other. The app also releases different challenges with leaderboard features to show where you stack up against others on the app. Under Armour also uses the platform to advertise their products. Looking at this example you can see how a large company has realized a need and benefited financially from it while also creating a good niche platform for people interested in a specific hobby.

Another platform that I have used is called Patreon. It is a network created for people to support their favorite creators. Many different YouTubers have created Patreon accounts where their subscribers can make monthly contributions to help support their channels. I am a supporter of a channel where the creators make videos about Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Harry Potter theories. Being a Patreon to this account gives me access to a private discord where people with similar interests will talk about these topics. The creators will also promote their merchandise on their Patreon account. This is an example of how influencers on other social media platforms can connect more intimately with fans in their niche.

When looking at how you can market your company or yourself on social media it is not enough to look at the big networks. It can be much more beneficial to find a platform that fits your brand. This will help ensure that your message is reaching the audience that you want. It can also be a place where you find better engagement. On these platforms, you stand a better chance of being a thought leader and gaining recognition for your efforts.

Social Media Graduate Student at the University of Florida. I once got a Degree in History but that was in the past.